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" As per the instructions of the DC office AKSIPS-45 will remain open tomorrow (28.08.17)"

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                                                                                                                            September 21, 2016 

Aksips 45 celebrated International Peace Day, with the aim to give rise to conscientious global citizens with values of harmony, empathy and non-violence ingrained in them.

The school provided a variety of activities wherein students of class I and II participated in colouring competition. Students of Class III made impressive poster to convey the social message of 'World Peace' among all. In classes IV and V a group discussion was held that awakened the young ones to the need of the hour - that is to spread the message of peace in the bellowing waves of chaos, unrest and uncertainty in the world.

Students devoted this day to strengthen the ideas of peace and dedicated it to world peace and to spread the message that each one has to ultimately make a difference at the global level. 

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